Gianni Vincentt was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1992.

Vincentt graduated from Siena Heights University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. He concentrated his creative exploration to traditional Printmaking processes and Graphic Design programs during undergrad. In the year(s) following, he studied under a general contractor renovating foreclosed homes to acquire the necessary skills and funds to construct a personal studio space to work from in Cleveland, Ohio. 2018 is his first year of re-entering his creative process and he uses advanced machinery and programs to develop pattern work and geometric structure.

Vincentt's Alinea is on exhibit at ArtPrize’s Harris Building in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Artist Statement

My work begins where other artists work has ended. My identity is my own but it is built off of what already exists because I am but a collective of things that have existed before me. I observe qualities in pattern, architecture, artists and process it into my own creation via means of toyetic play.