What is Twitch.tv

Twitch.tv is a live streaming video platform that is generally used to showcase trending video games to an audience. It is designed and encouraged to be a platform for any content a user would like to broadcast which is where many artists are starting to demonstrate their process in real time.


This application is a window to view my art process in real time and will bring my audience closer to my creativity by seeing the progression that would otherwise go unnoticed. I anticipate this platform to hold me more accountable on building a creative community that is supportive of my process. This is also an opportunity to add my personality to my art process and share the excitement I get from my work.

My exposure as an artist will increase because all content that I live stream will be recorded and be posted on Youtube to further increase exposure. this will all be very loose and experimental and fine tuned over time.


Post ArtPrize: First Stream to be live broadcasted October 22nd

Streams will be breaks from professional work to make commercial work for Etsy

12:00PM-2:00PM // Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday